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Friends Beta (Australia)

One of our biggest and coolest features – and one that I personally worked on – is also one of our stealthiest features.  That feature is the Friends list, now available to MSN Spaces created in Australia.

I’ll be talking about this feature at length in coming months as it rolls out more broadly, but for now check out what Phil has to say about it (with screenshots):

Social Networking Trial
One of the reasons to be here this week has been that we were getting ready to deploy our first social networking trial, specifically within the Australian market.   This new functionality is an extension to the existing Spaces service and is exposed as a module that one can add within one’s Space.  Our approach to social networking is designed to enable a way for customers to communicate and connect in more meaningful way with their circle of friends and in particular their friends and their friends’ friends.    We are doing this by adding this feature to our existing network – be it Messenger, Spaces or Mail rather than build a unique social network.

If you’ve received an invite to join and already have a space in China, the U.S., or any of our other markets that aren’t named Australia, you won’t be able to accept the invitation just yet.  We realize (quite frankly) that this sucks… but it won’t be this way forever.  If you’re in Australia, you’re probably having some fun right now!

This is also one of the features that has changed a bit since our book went to print.  On p136 there’s a section on "mutual friends" which isn’t applicable anymore.  I’ll be posting about this and other errata to the book space soon.


Take a break

    My research work has been so progressive these days that make me too busy to write here. Everything goes well until this noon. When I was about to take a litte break after lunch, I suddenly realize a big problem which might terminate the hole mission. Shocked by my careless, I started to searching for resolution. But unfontunately, the good luck didn’t come to me all the afternoon. Exhausted by problem solving, I decided to surrender for today. Being engaged in research work for some time, I began to realize that the subjective insistence can sometime become a trap in your way to the truth. It might be wisdom to let it go for a while and escape from the dead-end track.  
    I talked with one of my classmate after dinner. Although knowing such talk always lead to  suspiration of life, we still exhanged some visions of future life. Among all those uncertainties of tomorrow, there is one thing both of us are taking for sure: diligence is always the virtue guide you the the beach of success.
   God bless me.

Keep going

     The deadline is only a few days ahead, but I still far behind schedule. Have been wondering in darkness all these days, I am now totally at lost. The more I learn, the more confused I am. Boss hasn’t full agreed with my direction and suggest me to learn extensively, but I don’t plan to change. There is not enough time and, more importantly, there is no gurantee that your next choice will be a easier one.
    My key problem now is to engage agent conflict techniques into requirements elaboration. That’s something I am not quite famlilar, so I borrowed one book from library tonight. What impress me is the price I will pay for compensation if I lost it: 2880RMB! The conductor tells me: this original English book is 288RMB, you will be fine ten time this price if lost it, so please keep it well.
    There are much more things keep me worry, stressed and depress ever since I entered the graduate school. The reason is probably like what a famous saying said: the more you have, you more you want.

Don’t be evil

    Microsoft has made some new ungrades on MSN space these days. Among all of the new features, RSS is definitely the most expected. Bloggers who use to criticized about MSN space for its absence of RSS is crazy about the good news and open their arms embracing it. Frankly speaking, RSS is a innovative idea and a good advancement to normal blogs. But, as a universal truth, every thing could be used differently. Lazybones think RSS of a powerful tool which could easily fill their pages up without write a single word. This will soon make their space a massive junk or, if better designed, a mini news portal. It’s NOT a place which present your own idea anymore! Some people excuses of being too busy to write. It’s dangerous idea which make you addicted to RSS. This would most likely, I believe, make your space a result page of a particular RSS search. Your visitor will soon realize it and turn to a real RSS search engine. Always remember the ultimate attraction of your space only comes from the beauty of your own spirit.
    Don’t be evil, in any circumstances. 

you are welcome, my visiters

Some new visit record added, from Shanghai, German… Hi, visiters! thank you for your attention. Are you my classmates? Please let me know by commenting this post.
BTW, Great thanks to msntrick who contribute his wisdom to all msn space users.

Quiz oriented match making

    People with same or close view on same thing are easier to be gethered. Is there any way to measure the differences between people’s thought? Among lots of mechenisms, quiz is a easy one. The representation of view in form of quiz answering has two advantage. First, It could be very precise with well designed quiz. Second, It’s quite streight forward in measurement.
    quizfarm.com is a amazing site, not only credited by its plenty of interesting quizzes but also because of its greate idea which every registered user can created his/her own quizzes for various purpose, such as mate matching, investigation, or even call for help. This make me think of a alternative organizational  mechenism for common cyber communities. There are two, as far as I realized, benefits with quiz oriented match making. First, with the prooved common-view-foundation, the internal relation is closer within the group, which means the organizational structure is more steady. Second, quiz oriented is yet flexible enough in organizing groups, since user can present multiple quizzes for different aspects. For example, Eric can create two quizzes, sports and readings respectively, to make him be accepted by soccer group and science-fiction books group.

what is your perfect major?

Mathematics? Will that be a nice job? Huum.

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