A new Target

I have to admit that I was some kind of dispointed when realized that Semantic Web can not help me to much in my thesis writting. But , fortunately, it’s not all waste of time. Hopefully, It could be a  nice target to chase. There are too much proofs support me and many companies are looking for talents in this field, among which are some big names like IBM, Sun and Microsoft. There are of cause something big problems uncovered. First,  it coud be quite urgent. As at the end of the seconde year in compus, there is not too much of time, let alone Semantic Web is a brand new subject for me. Second, I have to find ways to apply it to requirements negotiation management since the main topic has been fixed. According from what I learned now, the logic part is on the higher level of the whole framework which still under preparatory research. It could be very unpredictable of the final result. Anyway , It’s well worth to have a try. 
BTW, there could be another difficulty on my study, the World Cup