Mission impossible

It’s a long time since the last login, I’m even planning to change a BSP, disappointed by the poor quality of MSN space. I always believe blog service will be the mainstream for commercial sites, but just don’t understand what MS has done in its Chinese market.
Like the present phase of tour de france, I am now experiencing the most difficult hill climbing in my research. After reading decades of paper and slides, I still feeling trapped in the muddy tracks although the hilltop is clearly upon. The latest problem is the conception of bifilter on the bilattice. There seems only one guy who "invent" the conception has made introduction on it. I have to say I just can’t understand him after read all his related papers, It never happened before and make almost crazy. In the long term, there are still a much bigger problem, how to add the semantic of requirements to the infrastructure of semantic web, and applying paraconsistent reasoning techniques on the logic level? Sound like MI, isn’t it?