Are you ready for sale?

It’s job hunting season and I suddenly feel that I am not really get ready for this. To some extend, job hunting is a kind of selling yourself, and in order to find a good job is a matter of how to make yourself a good product. To make something a good product is to improve its quality, what exactly yourself advanced in job hunting? Origin of famous college? Record of outstanding performance? Award of competition? Yes, they are all reason but unfortunately, I don’t have any of them. Then what do I have? After searching all my memory, I find a list as follow:

  • Quick learner to new technology
  • Open minded.
  • Good team worker.
  • Work responsibly and diligently.

What do you think of these characteristics?  Are these chars make a emplyee of a big name company? I say no, these are only the basic principles of all kinds of work. Wait, Let me explain, I mean there are some rules we always need to keep whatever we do.


why not a installer?

Failed again! I have spend over 3 hours on how to import CJK to mikTeX and still don’t have any clue. As most TeX user are talents, why not someone write a little installer to automate installation and configuration? If I finally get to know how it works, I will do it.

Stairway to Heaven

The light track of a Boeing 767’s take off. Beautiful, I mean both the pic and the title.

ps. This picture is originated from here

Get paid off

It’s like a month, I found myself feel easy facing many commercial software design, UML diagrams to be exactly, that use to be so confused before. I can even point out some of the shortcomings of those design according to my understanding. The more exciting news through the studying of  the many practical designs, I’m closer to the essential of design pattern. The most important thing for me now is to really do practice, from the design to the implementation, and feel the result myself. There are some options for me, the best is that I can persuade the tutor and get that job, but it looks very dim. The second option is to find a part-time job or participate in some open project. If both of first two are failed, I can still keep reading those designs which still have a lot of nutrition left.

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I’m back!

It’s so long time and I’m finally back! Since people is all over the streets, shop, parks and even public toilets I had to spend my National holiday at home. But it’s not always bad, at least I can get back to my space and write this post. In fact, I did much more than this, I spent several days with "Head First Design Pattern" and getting more and more in love with it. To write tutorial about some astract stuff like Design Pattern is really hard, and I think Eric and Elisabeth had done outstanding job. The most important thing I learned from the book is never expect to really know how to programing in a short time. Everyone need to read this book at leat three time along with practice. Although I begin to enjoy the beauty of the art of programming, I still de not quite know its usefullness in business field.
By the way, I finally find some good songs of which I don’t know the name but familiar to the rhythm. They are
one love
only time
you raise me up
here I am