Back to the right track

People who have dreams has to always check if they are still on the right track from time to time and I am no exception. Driving off the road occasionally or get lost temporarily  is inevitable but, as a rational people, we have to always make sure of one thing: Where we are going to? Keeping ask this question will guide you choose the right direction when you in the chaos. I’ve all been in the chaos since I got the job offer weeks ago, confused by congratulations and praises, until I read some previously-read posts about Thoughtworks. I suddenly realized that I was still so missing this "small" company. Leaving the technical factors alone, I like Thoughtworks so much because it draw me a wonderful picture of way of working.  In the picture, people of different background working together, helping each other, and improved as a whole. There is no defense of self interest, no obstacle of communication, no jealous, no shuffling. With no doubt, I prefer this more than money. This is where I am going to because I can get the most satisfaction and realize the self-worth. You might think this is too idealism, or even close to ridiculous, but it is these virgin willingness make us superior, isn’t?

Regarding conduct oneself properly over doing things is not only a slogan, but the way to get oneself out of chaos and drive in the right track.


DataTypes mapping sumary

There are some data Types mapping I tried out in the current project:

Access dataType                C# dataType
money decimal
datetime DateTime
vchar String
numberic int32

If Google can’t give you what you want, don’t be afraid of trying out the answer yourself 🙂

Be a multi-task processor

A over packed Schedule is a common challenge for IT professionals. Although not a professional yet, I am now facing the similar problem. I am not pushing off the responsibility, but looking for ways to make myself more efficient in heavy workload situation. There is one thing that people and Intel processor will both meet, Multi-task processing. Since people has design the multi-task processing algorithm for cold silicon chips, Why not design algorithm for ourself?  To me, the most important thing to success in full scale work is concentration. It doesn’t matter if you have to do multi things in a period of time, but it matters if you always do them in the same time. You will very likely failed in all of them, because those task will fight for the right to get the control of you brain and make situation even chaos. On the other side, if you focus on the single problem in a time, you are likely to solve it sooner. This is important because of not only saving time but also build up your confidence which might give you great help in the further work.
To sum up, don’t bother in heavy workload situation, do them one by one.

Most popular open-source project

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  • 7-Zip 4.32:文件压缩工具,可与Windows资源管理器集成
  • A Note 4.2.1:可在Windows桌面放置便笺,并可提供闹钟提醒功能
  • Abakt 0.9:能够以压缩方式对文档进行备份
  • Abiword 2.27:Windows写字板的替代程序,功能有所加强
  • Aethera 1.21:提供日历、通讯录、任务表及提醒功能,并且内置了e-mail客户端
  • Ant Movie Catalog 3.5:将你收藏的DVD影碟归档,并添加说明信息
  • Ant Renamer 2.0.8:易用的文件重命名工具,并具备灵活的筛选机制
  • Audacity 1.2.3:对音频文件进行编辑、优化并添加特效
  • Axcrypt 1.6.1:对程序进行加密,可与Windows资源管理器集成
  • Blender 3D 2.36:三维对象的建模、渲染
  • Borg Calendar 1.4.2:提供桌面日历、任务列表、通讯录功能,支持多用户
  • Cdex 1.51:将音乐CD转换为wav或者mp3格式
  • Cinepaint 0.19:专业的图像编辑软件
  • Clam Win 0.83:病毒扫描工具
  • Cool Mon 1.0.1003:系统检测工具
  • Cool Player 215:一款精简的音频播放软件
  • Dia 0.94:绘制图表和流程图
  • Double Type 0.2.1:设计自己的Truetype字体
  • Egroupware一款包含日历、新闻、联系人等模块的工作流系统
  • Eraser 5.7:永久地删除硬盘中的数据
  • Filezilla 2.2.12c:FTP客户端
  • Firefox 2:Web浏览器,支持并列显示多个网页
  • Freemind 0.8:能以直观形象的图示建立起各个概念之间的联系
  • Gaim 1.4.0:同时支持ICQ、Aim、MSN、Yahoo的即时通信软件
  • Ganttproject 1.11.1:项目管理软件,帮助你进行时间安排及资源分配
  • GnuPG Add-ons:对邮件进行加密
  • Health Monitor 2.1 Monitors:Windows状态监测工具,出现问题时可以给出警报
  • Inkscape 0.41:向量图形设计工具,可用来绘制地图、技术图纸或公司logo
  • JDictionary 1.8:超过140万词条的百科辞典
  • Kee Pass 0.99b:管理你的密码
  • Keynote 1.6.5:字处理软件和数据库的结合体,带有良好的搜索机制
  • Media Portal视频、DVD、音频、图片播放工具,同时支持电视和电台广播
  • MP3 Tag Tools 1.2.008:mp3的文件ID标签编辑工具
  • MP3 Gain 1.2.5:在不影响音质的情况下调节mp3歌曲的音量
  • NVU 1.0:所见即所得的HTML编辑工具,带有相当专业的网页制作功能
  • Open Office 2.0 Beta:文字处理、电子数据表、演示工具和数据库
  • PDF-Creator 0.8.1:可被安装为打印机并将文档输出为pdf文件
  • Poptray 3.10:在后台监控邮件账号,当有新邮件进入时对你进行提醒
  • PW-Gen 1.4.0:为你生成64位到128位的安全密码
  • RSS-Owl 1.1:RSS阅读器
  • Screencopy 2.3:屏幕拷贝工具
  • Syn Text Editor文本编辑器,支持多种程序语言的命令语法
  • Task SwitchXP Pro 1.1.2:扩展了Windows任务管理器的功能和外观
  • The Gimp 2.2.4:支持图层管理、特效润饰的图像编辑软件
  • Thunderbird 1.07:e-mail客户端,支持Imap/Pop3账户,带有垃圾邮件过滤器和虚拟文件夹
  • True Crypt 3.1a:对文件或硬盘分区进行加密,也可以对U盘等移动存储介质进行加密
  • True Downloader 0.82:FTP和HTTP链接的下载管理工具,可以监视剪贴板
  • TV-Browser 1.0.1:自动更新每天的电视节目表
  • Virtual Dub 1.5.10:视频编辑和捕获软件,支持mpeg-1和avi视频格式
  • Virtual Win 2.1:可管理最多9个虚拟桌面,你可以用热键进行桌面切换
  • VLC Media Player 0.8.1:媒体播放器,支持DVD、VCD、CD、mpeg和DivX等格式
  • Web HTTrack 3.33:离线浏览器,可将Internet网页保存到本地硬盘中
  • Winroll 2.0:点击标题栏后就可将程序窗口最小化
  • WX Musik 0.4.1:音频播放及管理软件
  • Xampp 1.42 :Web服务器软件包,包含Apache、PHP和MySQL

  • 转:各种数据库的JDBC驱动下载及连接

    Seems boring, but very useful. Originate from here

    本文下载地址转自 甘先生Blog (点击查看原文)    剩余部分来自互联网

    数 据 库 说      明
    MySQL Shipped. But need to download the latest for MySQL 4.1 or higher.
    Oracle Included.
    SQL Server by jTDS Included. Support Microsoft SQL Server (6.5, 7, 2000 and 2005)
    Postgres Included 7.3 JDBC 3
    SAP DB Included.
    SyBase by jTDS Included. Support Sybase (10, 11, 12)


    1. MySQL( mysql-connector-java-2.0.14-bin.jar ;
      Class.forName( "" );
      cn = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:mysql://MyDbComputerNameOrIP:3306/myDatabaseName", sUsr, sPwd );
    2. PostgreSQL( pgjdbc2.jar ;
      Class.forName( "org.postgresql.Driver" );
      cn = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:postgresql://MyDbComputerNameOrIP/myDatabaseName", sUsr, sPwd );
    3. Oracle( ;
      Class.forName( "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" );
      cn = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:oracle:thin:@MyDbComputerNameOrIP:1521:ORCL", sUsr, sPwd );
    4. Sybase( jconn2.jar ;
      Class.forName( "com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver" );
      cn = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:sybase:Tds:MyDbComputerNameOrIP:2638", sUsr, sPwd );
      //(Default-Username/Password: "dba"/"sql")
    5. Microsoft SQLServer( ;
      Class.forName( "net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver" );
      cn = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://MyDbComputerNameOrIP:1433/master", sUsr, sPwd );
    6. Microsoft SQLServer( ;
      Class.forName( "" );
      cn = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://MyDbComputerNameOrIP:1433;databaseName=master", sUsr, sPwd );
    7. ODBC
      Class.forName( "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" );
      Connection cn = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:odbc:" + sDsn, sUsr, sPwd );
    8.DB2 Class.forName("");
      String url="jdbc:db2://"
      cn = DriverManager.getConnection( url, sUsr, sPwd );