One last mile

To my surprise, the last term of the graduate study started quietly today. The time of reunion is nothing but normal, just like a common workday. In less than 2 month, I will say goodbye some of my classmates. How to finish this one last mile? It’s a good question for all of us.  


Just for fun

Isn’t it cool? There are lots of such pics here

How to block streaming media

There are a small collection of streaming media protocols in common use today. These include:

  • MMS
  • RTSP
  • PMN
  • HTTP

At first look it might appear to be easy to block streaming media protocols. Just don’t create any rules that allow them. That’s easy to do for MMS, RTSP and PMN, but its not so easy for HTTP. Obviously, you can’t block HTTP, so we have to consider alternate methods to block streaming media moving over an HTTP application layer transport (note that HTTP is not a transport protocol, but we often refer to the application level protocol that carries the data as an application ”transport”).

There are a few options for controlling streaming media moving over the HTTP trasport. These include:

  • Using the HTTP Security Filter to block headers used by the streaming media application
  • Blocking connections to known streaming media sites
  • Avoiding allow rules for streaming media sites. That is to say, you create allow rules for sites users are allowed to visit, and all other sites are denied
  • Blocking the streaming media application using the Firewall client settings
  • Blocking the Content Types used by streaming media applications

As you can see, there are a number of methods you can use to control streaming media protocols. However, one thing that doesn’t exist is a magic bullet. None of these methods by itself will allow you to block all streaming media connections. However, by using a combination of methods, you’ll be able to get the most control.

The last vacation

After completion of the paper for the COMPSAC, my last seasonal vacation in the campus started. Although it’s over 20 days long, there are actually lots of things, of which most are my thesis related, to do. With no doubt, the thesis is of my top priority now, because it directly decide whether I can finish my schoolwork of master degree. I know all of those regulations might turn to be meaningless and everyone leave campus with their diploma, but as a great experience, I want to do my best to spend the rest of this period of time.

Every time talking about the word of LAST make me grief, somehow. I know there won’t be anymore school time in my life, so I meet another LAST. I suddenly remembered the days of my college graduation, which still might makes me sad for half a day sometime. The reason of that is because I have spend too happy time in that four years.  Although it’s quite clear that I am not that happy as before in this three years, I learned a lot and gained a lot and this make this period of time every special to me. To learn another three year in campus is not suite for everyone, but I know it suite me because I becomes stronger in mind and I found the thing I like to do not only for make a living.  I proved myself that I’ve made a good decision three years age.