A asked post

First, good luck to the one who asked this post, and hope her trip is not too boring.

I have to admit that music works on me, cause I am more likely to tell what I am really thinking with some appropriate music. I didn’t realize this even few hour ago, when I plan to write a hortative post, say some "keep working" stuff. But now, although I know this might make someone upset, I  still want to speak it out. We should had a better ending of our last time. He is just too far less matured than his real age. When I got back to school later in the night, I saw a group of graduates seeing one their classmate off. They are smiling, enfolding and encouraging each other, I suddenly felt that I miss a very important moment. We are a group for two and a half years and we should end as a group, spending this last period of campus time together. But we didn’t … . This is a mistake we could probably never fix, A eternal pity.

Hope we can all grow up, and living a better life.