structurally finished

There are both good news and bad news about my thesis these days, the good news is it’s finally structurally finished, but bad news is there are still  a lot mistakes to fix. My guess is the modification won’t totally finish until the last day, because the theory is truly fragile and need lots of patchwork to make it more convincible.

Since the graduation is around the corner, do some planning for the coming professional career is inevitable. Judging from the the present condition of my classmates, It’s a good idea to do some technical preparation beforehand. But I find two excuses for myself to lay down to have fun: first, it’s hard to prepare for the thing which is unknown. second, because of the free time will be very valuable in the future, I’d like to make my last period of free day full of fun. So, forget the job and have myself a good time 🙂

PS. the cinema trail of TRANSFORMER is recently release, only one word to describe it: cool. As a seventyer, TRANSFORMER really impress me in my childhood. I especially enjoy to hear the sound of transformation. Without doubt, it’s will be a blockbuster in the last half of the year, but I believe that the eightyers will not have the feeling watching it.



I am not sure what I was thinking when I was 18, but I am quite sure that what I was thinking when I was 18 is quite simple, whatever it is. I read a blog of 18 years boy 10 minutes ago, and I can’t help myself witting something. So, here we go.

As we know the ability of think make human the most successful species the earth, so I assume the theory also work within human race: the more you think, the more clever you are . Followed by this theory, I must be considerably stupid when I was young.

I am not showing off my "stupid" childhood, what I want to say is the mystery relationship of being smart and being happy. The statistical data shows that smart guys always not very happy, while dull guys are tend to live a happier life. Can my newly presented theory explain this? I say yes.

As thinking will make people smarter and also likely make people unhappy, which we should choose, being smart or being happy? Best answer is to choose both of them. As the best and the most difficult answer will need more thinking to accomplish, which means unhappy. So, there is no best answer this question at all ! 

I prefer happy more than smart, what about you?

Breathtaking Pics

Recent life

It’s bad to stay outside these days in Xi’an, It’s hot and dusty.  So I play much more indoor sports, snooker. It’s a wonderful game, even more wonderful than I can describe. I like the feeling of make your mind into reality on the table, shot the ball off, keep the ball goes the way as you planed and make good defense. It’s so good to do things as you wish, it’s so good to stay in the campus.

Back to my thesis writing is a  quite different experience. I found that I have a lot of work to do after one whole month break, much more than I used to think. I have to tighten my steer in the incoming month to make everything ok, not only those cheerful.

Until yesterday, I still believe do reading on my smartphone is troublesome: downloading webpages, copy files back and forth… BreakNews changed all these, what I have to do now is virtually nothing, just wire the phone the PC, and all subscriptions are all automatically updated. It’s just amazing, cause I can spend no time to do the job that I used to spend hours to finish. A live example of the power of software.

The preparation of COMPUSAC 2007 is finally done: paper revised and registered, fee paid. What I am worrying now is how much I can get for lodging, It’s every expensive to live in Beijing.