First day

Today is my first day in the company. The most impressive thing to me is not the new big carpeted office, the 20 inch rotatable computer screen and the huge ice maker, but the great people. They are all, or at least mostly, hard-working guys and the competition is sharp. I realized that the job is a fair game and you have to work harder to gain a better life. I need to do my best to proof I worth that price.

Cheer up, lazy bird !


luxury menu

We have been planning a big leaving-school meal for several days already and finally, make a real move this afternoon. Today’s spy squad has three members: Hu. Cao and me. Our task today is to visit two restaurants we selected and choose one of them. The first restaurant has cheaper dishes and bigger compartment, but the main entrance is under construction and the internal decoration is our of date and even a little shabby. This is an unaccepted problem for such important meal and, with one accord, we decide to move on to our second candidate. It’s a smaller but better one: better table, better tablecloth, better chair, better decoration and of cuase, better price. Anyway, It is not a common meal and it ought to be expensive.

These are what we chosen for this meal(for reference):

西湖糯耦    16      木耳核桃    18      姜汁豆角     8

人和烧鹅仔 38      香葱拌干笋 10     川味卤拼    38

拌蜇头        28      大丰收       18

清炒苦瓜    12      三文鱼刺身 78     蒜蓉开边虾  68

羊排闷萝卜 48      新麻婆豆腐 18     石锅煨泥鳅 34

辽参粉丝     36     扇贝            90     豉汁多宝鱼 120  

老人兴煲排骨  48