Hold your believe

The 2008 Olymic torch relay now becoming a focus of the world, not only because its the consecrate meaning, but also the protests occurred. I am not a Tibetan, nor know about the current political demand of the Tibetan. So I won’t criticize too much about it because I am not qualified. But as a Chinese, I known we should be hold the believe of spreading the Olympic torch all around the world, its our honor and our responsibility. At this point, I respect Jin Jing . She, as a disabled girl, hold her believe tightly even facing the dangerous. I wish I could be as brave as her when I was there. There are some advices of the suspend of the torch relay these days. In my opinion, the torch relay should continue especially under such threat. This is important because it stand for the commitment and honor of a responsible country.

 The 27-year-old Jin Jing, showed her bravery facing dangerous.


Pic of the trip to the Sha River

The trip to the Sha River is impressive.

沙坡头沙湖 032 On the back of camel

IMG_1776 The sand sculpture

IMG_1790 Pose of five

沙坡头沙湖 049 Desert plant

IMG_1709 Falling down


The quit of RailsEnvy is a surprise news for me, I’ve been away from Ruby for two weeks. I guess two weeks is long enough for many thing happens in agile community:) I am keeping busy recently, not only because of the test tasks but also my new gadget. I can explain the reason of buying PSP a bit firstly, reading book is the top priority, and then surf the Internet(mainly for reading RSS), and at last play game. Frankly, PSP is not in my first choice, it seems only good at play games. It’s really a pity if I cannot read on its 4.3 inch screen. Fortunately, I found Bookr, it works good enough for me. The poor Internet accessibility of PSP has been always a pain for Chinese PSPer, but I am a bit different. My usage of Internet on PSP is mainly plain text typed content, so I think that won’t be too difficult for my PSP. Ultimately, the price is still be biggest concern. PSP is the only choice.

Martin’s bliki is a very multi-media conservative site, but it does not hinder people to learn his wisdom no matter on PC or on PSP. That is also to say, the simpler your page is, the more audience you may have.