Here is my new phone

I said to buy a AMOI E78 in the last post and promise to give a report on it. Sorry, I have to take back my word because I changed my  idea. I chose a cheaper and cooler one, Vodafone V1210. Without cam and WIFI, I get on WM6.1 equipped smartphone with only 950RMB and I’m already happy enough.

WM6.1 is really a surprise for me with it’s exquisite UI. Further more, I could finally SMS in thread mode which I have been long for. I’m still wondering if I really need a microSD card for my new phone, cause I have migrated most of my reading tasks and entertainment to my PSP. For now, voice call and SMS is the only tasks for it. But I still put some time on it to make it looks better for me. One problem is the font of the SMS is still SONG, not YAHEI. After some experiments, I finally find the resolution. Here is it if you are also looking for it:

There are some CSS file controlling the layout and font of the UI of SMS. You need to change from "SONG" to "Nina" for the font part of ALL these  CSS files, especially iframe_style.0804.css. Hope this works for you 🙂

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Lighter Rails on CMD

Rails is a framework born for command line interface, It’s much faster, much easier and much happier 🙂

There are a lot of tutorials on configuring a CMD development environment on Windows, It’s not seems not easy as IDE at first look  but, from my experience, it all worth to try.

Here are some of my CMD screens,  I really like the feeling of type in command and get result from it.

untitled1 untitled2

Amoi E78

After tortured by my Dopod 575 for several months: lost contact phone number, lost incoming call and lost incoming SMS, it’s time to say goodbye to it. Suddenly, when I have to use smartless phone, I feel I am so much depend on smart phones: I have to take minutes to relay a SMS, I can’t create memo, I can’t read my Ruby RSS… Everything becomes much more difficult 😦

I decide to stay with Window Mobile which make me feel comfortable and I am looking forward to a QWERTY phone. First, QWERTY will obviously speed up the typing and secondly, QWERTY will leads to a touchless screen which will lower the cost and reduce the responding time. Although IPhone attract me so much, I still prefer a  relatively dummy-looking machine with a lower price tag. Out of caution, I will buy one AMOI E78 this week and hopefully, I will post a new entry about it within few days. 🙂