A long lost party

I went to one of my college classmates birthday party tonight, saw him, his wife and some other ex-colleagues. We talked a lot, drank a lot and really had a good time. A little dizzy, It was such a strange feeling, and I am so much enjoyed. I guess it’s because I have absent from the happy-time that I have used to had for too long time. Yes, for more than 4 years, it is long enough. All in a sudden, I envy them so much with their leisureful life. I don’t known what I’ve gained is really worth of what I’ve sacrificed. This is the different track of life I chose and I hope I made a right decision.

There is one thing for sure, my setback in communication is so obvious that I got too much criticize from my friends during the party. I should really be serious with this problem from now on.

I am always sick of those drunk people, but when you are the one who get drunk, things must be totally different. 🙂