A tough week

It’s been a busy week and I will still be very very busy tomorrow, I am now considering to apply a VPN 🙂 Anyway, I still take some time to experience ruby on ubuntu a bit. Ubuntu is a very nice platform to work and just like Obie said, Windows is just not good at this.

Charles’s training this afternoon is a surprise. He is such a typical doer in my mind, but today he proofed he is far more than that. Like he can only remember Integrity, Passion is the biggest word get into my mind.  Yes, passion is something make you still trying to be better after repeat again and again when obligation and responsibility even fade out. But the problem is, how to keep it from leaving you?  I didn’t get answer from Charles today and I guess there must lots of different answers. Um…this will be a nice quiz for this weekend 🙂

At last, some pics of my dreaming macbook(pro), there got to be some inspiration in it.

   2521705736_959f84a5ac154230709_480b7db118  243127164_41d60651a0


Awesome translations


一次性卫生杯 <=> sex hygiene cup of once


餐厅 <=> translate server error  (I think the "translation server error" might be better :D)

Life of choosing

Life is kind of like a little ant climbing a big tree, there are countless crotches need to be passed. Each of these crotch may decide the total path of it’s long sunlight-seeking journey. We are no bigger than the ant in front of LIFE. How many choices we have made and we need to made in the future? Choose  school, college, job, house, friends, wife…, In order to climb to a higher place on the tree, we need to try our best to make right decisions, and with no doubt, it is not always easy and happy to do. Some time the path leads to the top is not looks good at a some crotch, and this is especially painful to give up the other "sweet" path. I guess one of reasons that we become unhappier as we growing up is that we  learned the sweet path not always lead to sweet destination and thus have to make painful decisions from time to time.

I’ve made quite some painful decisions till now, without knowing these decisions will eventually lead me to the top of the tree. May the sunlight bless me.

How about a MSI Wind U100?

If you just want to experience Mac Leopard by doing some work like reading RSS and ruby programming, you are now have one more choice other than Mac’s expensive boxes. Here is my recommendation for you: MSI Wind U100.



Blow are some most attractive character for me:

1. Less than 4000RMB

2. More than 3 hours of battery usage.

3. Can be installed with Mac OS X.

4. Atom 1.6G processor.

5. 1024*600 screen resolution.

6. 80G hard disk.

I rank the all these items in the order of attractiveness to me. Compared with the more than 6000RMB iphone 3G, this should be a good deal 🙂