Pic of my Ubuntu

I have to confess that I am still a rookie on ubuntu, but it doesn’t hinder me to enjoy it. Yes, it’s much easier than I expected and you will agree with me if you try it your self. The biggest difference from Windows is the freedom. You could play lots of roles on Linux and there always something there for you, you have text mode for performance, you have gmone for GUI and you even have compiz for much cooler visual affect. In one word, you can play with it whatever the way you want, and still get control of you computer with the help of Google, but not reinstall the whole system. The guys for Linux community is really great, they always there to help. So get start with some basic FAQs, be modest and kind, start a whole different way to live with you computer. It is a lot of fun.

Some of the screen shots of mine desktop 🙂



What is the point?

Why programmer is still in demand even so many auto code-generation tools are already in use? Because in a foreseeable future, tools can’t take the place of human, human mind to be exact. So the ultimate competence of human is the mind, and that also differentiate good programmer and bad programmer. I don’t think I can suddenly write great code if I use macbook pro and textmate, so I think to do more practice seems more effective than applying more good tools.

Oh, there is still something nice and cool coming toward me. I asked one of classmates ordered a mac G6 keyboard for me, not for ruby, but my fingers 🙂

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