My new soccer shoe

I’ve been suffered for my out-dated slippery flattie on the pitch quite some time since my last studed-shoe retired, and I really need a shiny new shoe with a reasonable price. In fact, price is always the most important factor for me in purchasing such a specialized shoe, which can only be trampled on the playground. Of cause, I can’t bear a ugly shoe neither, it will definitely ruin my mood of the play. And finally, this is what I’ve chosen: Puma v5. 08 Tricks i FG Black/Dark Shadow/Barely Blue at 197.6RMB.

What do you think of it? 🙂




Hang out late at night :)

Hang out late at night? No, not really like what you might think :). It is the fun of understanding that made me HIGH so late in the night:) I really learned a lot by reading some code tonight, thanks to the wonderful song. It’s so much fun to see how the magic gradually get understood.

This is the song stay with me during my code-reading.

Source code of ZenTest

I randomly knocked into a web site and found this nice article of reading autotest source code, awesome! Maybe I should spend more time in reading such good code:)