File path in STAX

The file path style in STAF on windows is kind of weird, when we query the registered services, it is very possible we have below result:

STAF local service list

Name      Library    Executable
--------- ---------- ----------------------------------
CRON      JSTAF      C:STAF/services/STAFCron.jar
DELAY     <Internal> <None>
DIAG      <Internal> <None>
ECHO      <Internal> <None>
FS        <Internal> <None>
FTP       JSTAF      C:STAF/services/ftp/STAFFTP.jar
HANDLE    <Internal> <None>
HELP      <Internal> <None>
HTTP      JSTAF      C:STAF/services/http/STAFHTTP.jar
LIFECYCLE <Internal> <None>
LOG       STAFLog    <None>
MISC      <Internal> <None>
PING      <Internal> <None>
PROCESS   <Internal> <None>
QUEUE     <Internal> <None>
SEM       <Internal> <None>
SERVICE   <Internal> <None>
SHUTDOWN  <Internal> <None>
STAX      JSTAF      C:STAF/services/stax/STAX.jar
TRACE     <Internal> <None>
TRUST     <Internal> <None>
VAR       <Internal> <None>

Unfortunately, Microsoft style is not work in STAX python code, I personally recommend to use Unix style all the time.

    f = open('c:/staf/services/custom/test/workfile.txt', 'r')
    content = f.readlines()

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