Finally get STAF installed on Ubuntu

I’ve been suffered a lot in trying to install STAF on Ubuntu, it turns out it was all worth those hardness, because it make me understand some key concepts of Linux.
1. In installation path:
The default the path is /usr/local/staf, which still confused me. As the execution of STAF will eventually create lots of files, such opertions will have permission constraint. Of cause, this can be overcomed by using "sudo STAF", which get the root provilledge. But in Ubuntu, the use of sudo will switch the shell environment to root’s configuration, this will bring difficulties in setting PATH for STAF executables. As a result, after I change the installation path to ~/staf, where I have write permission, everything works without problem.
2. Reuse of Java
The version of STAF I choosed is without JVM, this means I have to point STAF an existing JVM when I need to add services based on JSTAF. This is done by specified the JVM option:

SERVICE Cron LIBRARY JSTAF EXECUTE {STAF/Config/STAFRoot}/services/cron/STAFCron.jar  
OPTION JVM=/opt/jdk50/bin/java

Notice the JSTAF must be capitalized to ensure the name of a lib file is correct constructed.


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