RFT Playback command (continued)

I’ve introduced the RFT CLI to playback a test script in an earlier entry, here is some follow ups:

1. Get help without online document.

It’s quite bothering to open RFT for help, or google. You can actually get instance help from RFT CLI itself, by simply typing this command:

java -cp %PATH_OF_RATIONAL_FT_JAR_FILE% com.rational.test.ft.rational_ft

2. Execute scripts in folder.

The "folder" concept in RFT is kind of deceptive. Try create a folder, say folderA, and create scriptA under this folder, now open the script file and you will find folderA is actually still a package name. This means you need to specify the package name when execute scriptA from CLI:

java -cp %PATH_OF_RATIONAL_FT_JAR_FILE%;%PROJECT_PATH% com.rational.test.ft.rational_ft -datastore %PROJECT_PATH% -playback folderA.scriptA